Curriculum Vitae

Name: Chawki Abderrahim
Birth date: 28-01-1951
Birth place: Casablance, Morocco
Address work shop: Pauwstraat 24 3512 TG Utrecht
Tel: 06-42698396


Academy for Sculptural Art in Utrecht (Department of Monumental Design, training in stone carving.

Abderrahim Chawki was born in Casablanca, Morocco. In 1970, he left the place of his birth and after many travels, established himself in Utrecht. Here he trained at the Artibus art academy before going on to specialise in stone carving.

As a sculptor, his work examines the relationship between language and picture. For that he uses what is dearest to him: the ground and his mother language. Here he illustrates the Arabic book through stone. It is a personal choice of universal importance. A word has its own consensus in each language, book and meaning; and in each culture an image has its own material, form and space. I try to let these dimensions reconcile each other. 

From a cultural perspective, his work can be considered as a attempt renew the art of calligraphy by indicating a spatial dimension between the strength of the material he uses and a personal emotion it induces. By this he correctly expresses the traditions of western sculpture. THUS the artistic principles of two cultures link themselves through which he has become a part.


  • The house construction association, Soestppoo99
  • Town office, IJsselstein
  • Rijksuniversity, Utrecht
  • Dutch Christian institute for housing, Bilthoven
  • Landelijk Advies en Overleg Structuur, LAO-Prijs
  • Anti-discriminatie Overleg, ASN, ADO Media-prijs
  • FNV-wisselprijs
  • Pauwenhof, Utrecht
  • Municipality, Breda
  • Kunstuitleen, Utrecht
  • Thieme park, Sculpturen en Mozaïeken, Nijmegen
  • Mevlana Moskee sculptuur “Eenheid”, Rotterdam
  • Individual commissions
  • Veiligheidsprijs, Utrecht 2005-2007
  • etc.